Research Associate

Mengxing Liu

Mengxing pursued a Master’s degree in Psychology at Shaanxi University, where he gained foundational skills in experimental methodologies of cognitive neuroscience. His research utilized fMRI to investigate the neural mechanisms of language processing in naturalistic settings. Following this, Mengxing moved to Spain for PhD training in cognitive neuroscience, where he developed a keen interest in the structure and function of the human thalamus. His work involved using diffusion MRI to quantify the white-matter connections between the thalamus and cortical structures. Additionally, he employed fMRI techniques to explore thalamic involvement in various language systems.

In 2023, Mengxing joined the Halassa Lab as a postdoctoral researcher, continuing his research on thalamic functions. Here, he integrates MRI, computational modeling, and machine learning to investigate the role of the MD-PFC circuit in cognitive flexibility and decision-making.


Tufts University School of Medicine
Neuroscience Department
136 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA 02111


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